Balloon Toons: Doggie Dreams

Balloon Toons Doggie Dreams Do dogs really dream In Mike Herrod s hilarious Doggie Dreams they do And this pooch has dreams of grandeur dining in a fancy restaurant being a rock star and becoming a brave knight

  • Title: Balloon Toons: Doggie Dreams
  • Author: Mike Herrod
  • ISBN: 9781609050658
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Do dogs really dream In Mike Herrod s hilarious Doggie Dreams, they do And this pooch has dreams of grandeur dining in a fancy restaurant, being a rock star, and becoming a brave knight.

    One thought on “Balloon Toons: Doggie Dreams”

    1. Read this every night for a week now. I thought it might be too simple, but it's held up to many readings and is now memorized and hasn't lost its humor yet.

    2. Doggie Dreams is an easy reader written in graphic format that speculates about what dreams dogs might have when they sleep. Guiding us through his thoughts on the subject is a young man who owns a dog named Jake. Jake is an excellent sleeper, but in his dreams, he is also a picky restaurant customer, a rock star with a devoted following, and a (mostly) fearless knight. Jake’s best dream, though, comes when he curls up in bed with his owner, and each dreams of playing fetch in his own way.This [...]

    3. This “Balloon Toon”, written and illustrated by Mike Herrod, will instantly become a Mommy and Daddy favorite, let alone one of your kids’ too! “Doggie Dreams” is a dream to read. The story is honestly one of the funniest and sweetest around. A boy wonders what his sleepy dog Jake is always dreaming about, and then -poof!- we are transported off into a three-dream sequence. Jake eats his fill at Fancy Pants Restaurant, jams away as a super cool rockstar with adoring fans singing along, [...]

    4. This book is about this boy had a dog and his name was jake and he sleep all the time he sleeps in the dog park and he sleeps in the car and he sleeps when they walk and the boy said I wish I new then jake had a dream that he was at a dog restaurant he order 10 hot dogs and 50 hamburgers But he was still hungry so he order blubber pancakes roast turkey and pizza but he was still hunger for desert so he bot cupcakes popcorn and ice cream sundae but jake was eating the pillow then he hade a dream [...]

    5. Have you ever wondered what your dog dreams about when he sleeps? I mean, dogs must have lots of dreams considering how much they sleep. Jake's person wonders this very thing and let me tell you, it is quite the enlightening few chapters that follow. Jake dreams of eating, singing and being a hero. But they are not any dream you would expect a dog to have. Bright but uncluttered illustrations accompany this perfect comic book for early readers. The last page is particularly adorable.

    6. This book offers a humorous look at the dreams dogs have. We recently discovered the Balloon Toons series of early graphic novel books and we've enjoyed them. They are fun, fast reads and feel like a long comic, rather than a true graphic novel. We all read this book separately and it's a very fast read. I would recommend it for younger children and beginning readers.

    7. This graphic novel for new readers is fun, but not very substantial. Kids will enjoy the bright illustrations and wacky humor. The text is easy to read and well laid out for new readers. But the stories just fall a little flat, relying on silliness that doesn't really stay with me. A fun read, but not one I can staying with kids.

    8. A very simply formatted cartoon about a dog's dreams. It has a lot of clues that help a child anticipate what will happen. My son enjoyed the story but it does not have a great deal of depth. One of those occasions where you can be thankful for the library because it has only a couple of reads in it.

    9. My daughter (age 6) loved this book. It's hilarious. The pictures are great. And, it's a super fast read. Young dog lovers will certainly love this book. My daughter also liked that the dog's name is also her brother's name:)

    10. This is a cute book and I would recommend it for anyone with kids or someone wanting a chuckle at something cute. I love, love, love the cute pictures that goes along with the words in this book.

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